Benefits Administrator

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Attract and retain top talent—the easy way

HROplus brings the ideal solution, with low-cost benefits programs and expert Benefits Administrator services

With the economy in recovery mode, there’s some stiff competition for talent. Today’s employees have more choices of places to work—and if your business isn’t offering benefits, it’s hard to get the best candidates for your job openings. However, benefits programs are costly and time-consuming to administer, so many small businesses assume that they’re unable to extend these programs.

HROplus brings you the ideal solution, with low-cost benefits programs and expert Benefits Administrator services. Our professional administrators provide:

  • Employee benefits and perks: HROplus offers a wide array of low-cost, optional employee benefits options, including health, dental, life, vision, and disability insurance; 401K and EPA plans; employee discounts; and more.
  • Benefits management: Our expert administrators will handle all employee benefits enrollments on behalf of your company. We also provide a hotline for employees to call with questions.
  • Compliance issues: With great benefits come great responsibilities—which you can then pass on to us. The Benefit Managers at HROplus will administer your Section 125 and manage compliance for your 401K and COBRA programs, so you’ll never have to worry about falling short on state or federal requirements.

HROplus: Helping you help your employees

As a business owner, you want the best for your most valuable resource: your employees. With our benefits administration solutions, you can offer the benefits your employees need, at a price your budget can afford. Contact us to learn more about benefits management services from HROplus.