Bogus quotes by bad competitors

Just got off the phone with a client.  Seems that some big name providers like to put together a quote for services that they have no intention of writing.

For example…a PEO will tell a prospect everything they want to hear…provide a “contingent” quote, then when the client has signed the client service agreement, put down their deposit and are a couple of days from calling in their first payroll, the provider’s risk management department will call the client and tell them they cannot write one or more of the proposed workers comp codes.

This happens more often than not.  How do you protect yourself from this egregious business tactic?  Insist on a non-contingent quote for services.  If the provider hedges, for whatever reason, it likely means his workers comp coverage cannot take on your risk.  Be aware, some of the big name PEO’s do this all the time to block business from going to smaller PEO’s that can write that business.