Certified HR Manager

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Experienced employee management you don’t have to supervise

Our trained professionals work independently to manage your entire staffing backend, from new hires, termination, beyondWith every new employee you hire, there are dozens of tasks and mountains of paperwork to complete—and that’s not including the maintenance, filing, and ongoing upkeep for your existing staff. But you’ve got a business to run, and all this employee management takes time away from your most important goals.

With the services of a certified HR manager from HROplus, you can forget the paperwork. Our trained professionals work independently to manage your entire staffing backend, from new hires to termination and beyond.

Let us take the burden of employee management off your shoulders. Our certified HR manager services include:

  • New hire management: The experts at HROplus will help you write job descriptions that attract the right talent to your company. We’ll take care of background checks and employee enrollments, and provide onboarding services like new hire kits and new hire reporting to keep you up to date on your latest staff members.
  • Employee maintenance: Keeping your staff trained and compliant can be a full-time job! We develop and produce employee handbooks and policies, maintain your employee files, and keep your staff current on taxes and labor laws with I-9 verification, state and federal compliance checks, and labor posters. We can also provide management training.
  • Exit strategies: Losing employees is an unfortunate, but unavoidable fact of business. We’ll make the process easier for you by providing termination assistance and ongoing unemployment management when needed.

Take back your business with HROplus

Are you tired of spending endless hours poring over employee paperwork, struggling to make the time to bring new employees on board, and facing the nightmare of tax season? Save time, money, and headaches with certified HR manager services from HROplus. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your business life easier.