Payroll & Tax Administration

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Why Payroll is an Integral Part of an Effective HR Outsourcing Solution

Worry-free solutions for employee finances and tax needs

Making sure your employees are paid regularly and on time, with the proper tax withholdings, is an essential task for any business. However, the idea of any tax-related activity makes most small business owners shudder. Rules and regulations for payroll and other business taxes are complicated and ever-changing—and one mistake could cost you more than your business can afford.

The experts at HROplus can relieve you of the nightmare of tax administration. Your assigned tax professional will have in-depth knowledge and experience working with payroll tax and related functions, so you can breathe easier during tax season—and all through the year.

Our Payroll & Tax Administration services include:

  • Payroll record-keeping and administration, including issuing paychecks and direct deposit
  • Withholding, filing, and administration for employment tax
  • W-2 preparation and distribution
  • Wage garnishment administration
  • Tracking for paid time off and accrual
  • Self-service reporting tools and data management

HROplus: Your paperwork is in good hands

Our payroll and tax administration experts will ensure that all of your employee payments, financial matters, and tax-related issues are on time, compliant, and accurate. Contact us to learn more about how HROplus can help you handle your employee finances.

Why Payroll is an Integral Part of an Effective HR Outsourcing Solution

Long gone are the days of handing out cash to workers at day’s end. In the modern workforce, payroll processing involves a network of intricate tax laws, complex regulations, and rigorous reporting practices. While some companies are reluctant to change their existing processes, others are embracing change and propelling their businesses forward by including payroll services in their Human Resources outsourcing solution. If your company is still handling all timekeeping and check disbursement in house, perhaps it’s time you explored the benefits of incorporating payroll into your Human Resources outsourcing.

An Hour Saved is Many Dollars Earned

Accuracy is of paramount importance with payroll processing, requiring meticulous attention to the smallest of details. The process of preparing, printing, and distributing employee paychecks is extremely time-consuming. When this laborious task is eliminated from the workday, attention can be devoted to more productive and profitable endeavors.

Payroll service providers are experts in what they do, and can deliver these services more efficiently and cost-effectively than your internal team. In addition, payroll will never be delayed due to a staff vacation, sick leave, or learning curve, and there will never be a need to hire or train payroll staff.

Access to the Latest Payroll Technologies

Continually upgrading software is a pricey venture, especially for small or mid-size companies. When you outsource your payroll functions, your business will have access to the market’s latest payroll technologies, such as Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software.

Reduced Risk

Payroll mistakes and oversights can result in angry employees or—even worse—government-imposed fines and penalties. Though it depends on the terms and conditions of the provider, many HR outsourcing services are held accountable for any penalties associated with errors and carelessness.

A Fully Integrated HR Team

When you incorporate payroll into your Human Resources outsourcing solution, your business will not only benefit from the expertise of a Payroll Specialist and advanced HRIS software, but you’ll also be assigned a team of certified HR Professionals, including:

  • HR Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Benefits Administrator
  • HR Legal Council
  • IT Professional

Having a cohesive team of HR professionals in place ensures that your company’s needs are not overlooked, reducing the risk of state and federal compliance issues.

For example, consider the following common scenario:

A new employee has just been hired. The HR Manager starts the new employee file, documents the receipt of the employee handbook, processes drug and background checks, and provides any additional compliance training your company deems necessary.

In conjunction with the HR Manager, the Risk Manager notifies the insurance provider of the new hire and makes sure the new employee is well-versed in safety procedures, while the Benefits Manager works with the new hire to inform him or her of your benefits program and to ensure proper enrollment.

In the meantime, the Payroll Specialist takes care of all tax reporting, direct deposit, vacation, and sick time tracking, as well as setting up any necessary garnishments and deductions.

Management of a new employee hire, as well as other likely HR scenarios—employee termination, staff reviews or warnings, employee promotions, changes in marital or family status, or change in garnishments—are handled seamlessly with HRIS/Payroll software and a team of HR Professionals in place.

Payroll – To Outsource, or Not to Outsource?

  • Are you confident in your company’s ability to stay abreast of payroll tax laws, requirements, and regulations?
  • Can you process payroll accurately and on time without diverting energy and money from growing your business and generating revenue?
  • Do you have a team of HR professionals with the time and ability to handle all payroll functions and ensure seamless management of HR scenarios?
  • Does your business have the latest, state-of-the-art payroll software and technologies in place?

Unless you can answer “Yes” to all of these questions, the addition of a payroll component to your HR outsourcing provider has the potential to greatly increase your efficiency and productivity. Contact your HR outsourcing provider today to discuss how a payroll component can save your business money, time, energy, and frustration.