Payroll Manager

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No more payroll headaches

With Payroll Manager services from HROplus, put  your payroll tasks into the hands of an experienced specialist

If there’s one task small business owners dread, it’s payroll. You want your employees to be paid correctly and on time—but keeping track of it all can cause delays and mistakes that you can’t afford. Fortunately, our payroll specialists will have everything under control in no time.

With Payroll Manager services from HROplus, you can put all of your payroll tasks into the hands of an experienced specialist who understands every aspect of this complicated process. Our payroll specialists can handle:

  • Payroll taxes: We’ll cover all employee tax records, tax filings, and paycheck tax deductions. We can also manage your annual W-2 or W-9 generation and distribution.
  • Time off: Our payroll managers will keep track of and administer payment for employee vacations, sick time, and any holidays or other paid days off your company offers.
  • Deductions: From taxes and Social Security to wage garnishments, we’ll make sure your payroll is fully compliant and balanced to the penny, every pay period.

The payroll specialists at HROplus can also offer more alternatives to paper checks for your employees, with low-cost direct deposit and payroll credit card programs for your business.

HROplus keeps your money flowing

Imagine how much time you’d save every week if you didn’t have to do payroll. Let HROplus make that dream a reality. Contact us to learn more about our payroll management solutions.