Regulatory Compliance

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One lawsuit could fold your business—let us mitigate your risk

Business lawsuits are more common than ever, and the effects can be devastating to small and mid-sized companies. The defense process alone can run you $150,000 or more, and a six- or seven-figure judgment against you could force your business into bankruptcy.

The best way to avoid lawsuits is to make it unlikely that one will ever be filed. At HROplus, we’ll help minimize your risk and liability in compliance issues. Our experts keep up with the latest rules and regulations surrounding the workplace to protect you from potential disaster.

Our Regulatory Compliance services include:

  • Expert guidance on complying with the federal, state, and local HR regulations that apply to your business
  • Employee complaint investigations and workplace notices
  • EEOC compliant administration
  • Employee and management compliance training
  • Affordable liability insurance programs

Invest in peace of mind with HROplus

The threat of a lawsuit can quickly develop into a nightmare for small business owners. Don’t let it happen to you.