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How quickly can I get up-and-running with a PEO?

The short answer is immediately, but it is not recommended. We recommend a lead time of at least one month before signing on with a PEO. This gives ample time to have all questions answered and allows enough time to find the right solution with the benefits and services that are best suited for your needs.   Another resource to consider is http://www.PEO7.com.

PEO v. ASO v. HRIS plus Payroll

So many models…so little time. 

Which is best for my company?  Should I go PEO?  What is PEO?  How about an ASO? 

HROplus’ mission is to assist small and medium-sized companies figure out the best overall model for HR outsourcing.  And we mean outsourcing, not offshoring.  Big difference.

We’ll get more technical in upcoming blogs and try to answer questions on each model.  PEO, which stands for professional employer organization. 

ASO, administrative service organization

HRIS or HRMS, software for human resources functionality

We are always searching for newer and better solutions to human resources, so drop us a line and we’ll discuss.

Kristian, Jeff and Tom