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CPA’s! Talking about PEO – are you with us or against us?

Very frustrating to have Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) attempt to scare the business out of clients.

Recently, we had a local CPA, who lost the payroll business on a 4 man company (I estimate they were charging $200/week to process payroll…PAYROLL!!!) call the State Department of Employment Securities to let them know that they were closing their account with the State.

The DES sends a letter to the client to let them know that they no longer have an account and could face fines if they do not re-open their account ASAP.

Some CPA’s do not understand, nor do they want to take the time to understand how PEO (professional employer organizations) work.

Some CPA’s do understand, they see the overall cost and time savings their clients will receive via PEO and recommend going forward.

Anyone else have any scary CPA stories? Don’t get me going on lawyers…