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PEO for the restaurant and hospitality industry

With all the labor regulation that is a major cost and time loss to business, especially in the restaurant and hospitality, PEO is a great way to cost-effectively remain compliant.

Here is an article in Fast Casual by the president of NAPEO (National Association of PEO), that outlines some key points and considerations for businesses in the restaurant industry considering hr outsourcing in general, and PEO in particular.


PEO overview article

Check out the link below for a very good article on PEO, professional employer organization.  Sometimes referred to as employee leasing, but there are some differences in the models of hr outsourcing.

Some good quotes from NAPEO (National Association of PEO) as well.


Back from NAPEO Conference

Just got back from the NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, www.napeo.org) Conference in Lake Las Vegas.  Great job by the NAPEO people in putting it all together. 

They had some terrific speakers, primarily focused on the the sales end of the business, but I was particularly impressed with Todd Cohn, who gave a breakdown of some particular States that NAPEO is working with the various legislations to improve the climate for PEO within that State.  Todd is the Assistant Director of State Government Affairs at NAPEO and has been there for about four years.  Some of this legislation is vital to protect not only the PEO’s, but clients of PEO’s. 

My post is more about business in general and how energizing it can be to go to your industry trade shows.  I know that the economy is tough and spending money to go to Vegas or Miami or New York or New Orleans may be just out of your budget, but the connections you make there can often be priceless.